No Show Reporting

Fort Valley State University has a No-Show Reporting (Attendance Verification) procedure. This procedure is to comply with Federal Financial Aid regulations. Financial Aid recipients at Fort Valley State University may become ineligible for funds by not attending at least one class session (per enrolled course). Students who do not attend at least one class session are NOT entitled to keep their financial aid award. The established No-Show Reporting (Attendance Verification) procedure will enable Fort Valley State University to adjust financial aid awards before funds are issued to students (thereby eliminating liability for both the University and the student).   A student reported as a non-attending in a course must seek the approval of the instructor in order to be reinstated. The instructor should only initiate the form if the student has approval to be re-instated into the course. The Registrar will notify the students and faculty when the attendance verification process has opened. Faculty members should only sign the form if the student has attended at least one class session. Students have two days to be reinstated once the Attendance Verification period has opened.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Registrar at