Grade Reports

At the end of each semester, a full report of the student’s academic performance showing courses taken, grades earned, quality points awarded, and grade point average may be obtained via  MyFVSU  Grade reports will not be mailed to students. Academic suspensions or dismissals cannot be waived due to the student’s failure to receive or retrieve a grade report.

Why Can’t I View My Grades?

A student may be unable to view their academic grades due to:

  1. a hold being on their account. Please click on the prompt to view the type of hold and who you should contact to resolve this issue; or
  2. grades have not posted for the current semester. Grades will automatically be posted as they are processed and finalized. This may take as long as one week after final exams have completed.

Where do I check my grades?

Once you have logged into MyFVSU, to view grades for a specific term, click on the Student Services Menu Tab. Select the Student Records Menu. Click the Final Grades Link. To view grades for all terms of attendance, click the Academic Transcript link. In the transcript level, leave it on “All Levels” of enrollment and click submit.