FVSU Free Speech Policy

Speakers and Conduct Requirements:

The following policies and regulations shall govern the campus appearances of non-FVSU speakers, students, faculty or staff who wish to utilize the Public Forum Area and other spaces on campus. By utilizing FVSU facilities, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. First priority for use of University facilities will be given to student, academic, or administrative functions at FVSU.
  2. Non-FVSU speakers, students, faculty or staff who wish to utilize the Public Forum Area must inform the Office of Events Management in advance to confirm the location’s availability for a particular timeframe.  At least 2-business days’ advance notice is required, or the request may be denied.
  3. There shall be no interference with the free flow of traffic nor the ingress and egress to buildings on campus.
  4. There shall be no interference with educational activities inside or outside of buildings.  Depending on the time of day and location of the event, the usage of sound and voice amplifying equipment may be restricted or prohibited.
  5. There shall be no events between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am inside or outside of the Wildcat Commons, with the exception of authorized events inside of the Wildcat Commons Clubhouse.  The Vice Provost for Student Success and the Dean of Students are empowered to make exceptions to this rule for the purpose of facilitating University sponsored events.
  6. There shall be no harassment of passersby or other disruptions of normal activities.
  7. There shall be no interference with scheduled University ceremonies or events.
  8. Whomever makes the reservation shall be responsible for seeing that the area is left clean and in good order. Failure to do so may result in FVSU assessing the event organizer a fine equivalent to the reasonable value of the anticipated clean-up costs, as determined in the sole discretion of FVSU.
  9. Malicious or unwarranted damage to, or destruction of, property owned or operated by the University is prohibited, and violators shall be held financially and legally responsible.
  10. The damage or destruction of property owned or operated by faculty, staff, students or visitors to campus as a result of an event pursuant to this policy may subject the violator(s) to disciplinary measures including, but not limited to being held fiscally responsible and/or being suspended or permanently removed from the University.
  11. A speaker’s appearance on campus does not necessarily involve an endorsement of his/her views by the University or its students, faculty, or staff.
  12. Depending on the size of the event, security may be necessary. The decision on the need for security is at the sole discretion of FVSU, and the event organizer may be held responsible for the payment of any increased cost to FVSU for the staffing of the additional security officers.
  13. Any flyers related to an event must be approved by the Campus Life Department prior to posting.
  14. Any individuals involved in a spontaneous or organized protest of any speaker on campus are expected to adhere to not only the mandates of this policy, but also any other policy, handbook, or code of conduct promulgated by FVSU or the BoR. While peaceful protests may be acceptable, any violent verbal or physical outbursts, or other failures to maintain proper decorum, may result in fines, discipline, civil or criminal charges, and/or any other disciplinary measures deemed prudent.
  15. Any campaign-related activity must adhere to the provisions of this policy. Additionally, no two competing political candidates can be on campus at the same time, unless they are invited by a recognized student organization, participating in a student sponsored political forum, or participating in an academic-related activity at the request of a faculty member. In instances where a political candidate is invited to campus, candidates from opposing parties or with opposing views must also be permitted access to participate in the event or otherwise provided equal access to campus.

A Public Forum Area is defined as an area on the FVSU campus that is specifically designated for the expression of various beliefs and opinions as anticipated by and articulated in this document. The Public Forum Areas are identified as follows:

  • At or near the Fountain area within the Historic Quad
  • At or near the Hunt Statue within the Wildcat Commons open area At or near the Wildcat statue near the Student Lyons Center
  • At or near the oval between Bond building, the Infirmary, and the Pettigrew Center