Admitted Dual Enrollment Students

You did it! Welcome to life in "the Valley!"  

Congratulations on your admission to Fort Valley State University as a Dual Enrollment student! We're thrilled to have you join the #1 public Historically Black College University in Georgia.

As you prepare to embark on this exciting journey, here's everything you need to get started:

Now that you're part of the Wildcat family, you'll receive a student identification number and email for seamless communication with your professors and university officials. Follow these steps to activate your FVSU Account:

  1. Visit MyApps Portal. 
  2. You will be prompted to insert your Wildcat email address and default password. Your Wildcat email and password will be provided to you via email from the Dual Enrollment Processor. 
  3. After logging in, you must reset your password to a password that is at least 14 characters long and doesn't include your name. Be sure to save this password somewhere safe. You will need it to access all of your university materials. 
  4. Once you've reset your password, you must download the Microsoft Authentication App. This step is mandatory. Follow the instructions on the app and your screen to access your account. 
  5. After following the instructions, you will be in the MyApps dashboard! Your account has been set up successfully! 

Access the MyApps Portal!


Secure funding for your classes by completing the GAfutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application.

Dual Enrollment students do not need to complete the FAFSA. Ensure you fill out the application thoroughly. You can refer to a tutorial video provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission for further information. Failure to complete this step could lead to tuition and fee charges on your account and delayed enrollment for future semesters.

Meet with your high school counselor to determine the classes approved for enrollment at FVSU. Ensuring these classes meet high school and FVSU requirements is essential.

Send the list of approved classes from your high school counselor to Mrs. Beverly Anthony at Mrs. Anthony will build your class schedule and notify you once it's ready.

Send the list of approved classes to Mrs. Anthony!

Step 5: Submit Your Lawful Presence Form and Immunization Record.

The state of Georgia requires all public college students to verify that they are living in the state legally, which is called "lawful presence," and FVSU also needs proof that you have received all the necessary immunizations. Learn more:


Send documents via email to at the address below:

Office of Admissions
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Dr.
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030


Securing your class schedule is the step you've been waiting for! Once you've heard from Mrs. Anthony that your schedule is complete and ready for review, you can view your schedule in the Banner app. 

  • Visit the MyFVSUBanner Web portal. 
  • You will be prompted to log in using your Wildcat email address and your newly created password. 
  • After logging in, click on Student Services.
  • Then click on Registration.
  • Select the term you are enrolled in (Summer 2024, Fall 2024, or Spring 2024) and click Submit. 
  • Then click on Student Detail Schedule.  

Access the MyFVSUBanner Portal

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Wildcat Family! If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out!

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