Online Learning Introduction Quiz

Online Learning Introduction Quiz

Step 1 of 10: Introduction

Please Note: This Orientation does not replace the eCore Orientation. If you are planning on taking eCore courses, you will have to complete the eCore Orientation prior to registering for those courses.

Step 2 of 10: Attendance Suggestion

Step 3 of 10: Technology Requirements

Step 4 of 10: Select the Best Answer

An FVSU online class require you to spend a lot of time:

Step 5 of 10: Select the Best Answer

How often should you log in to your FVSU online class?

Step 6 of 10: Tips for Succeeding in Online Courses Have Correct Expectations:

Step 7 of 10: Courses Do Require A Lot of Reading

Step 8 of 10: Ask For Help!

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Step 10 of 10: Your Information

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