Tuition and Fees


2023-2024 cost of attendance  

Tuition and fee rates are established by the University System Board of Regents.

Students may enroll in a combination of on-campus, partially online, or fully online courses.  Residency status determines the tuition rate for FVSU courses.   Campus location determines the cost of eCore, eMajor, and GAOnMyLine courses.

A student must be enrolled in all online courses to receive the FVSU fully online rate.  eCore, eMajor, and GAOnMYLine rates are the same for all students without regard to residency.

See Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Parking Decal: $25.00 per semester
Lab Fee: $50.00 per course
Replacement ID Card: $25.00
Return Check Fee: $30.00
Return Online Payment Fee: $30.00
Post Office Box Rental: $22.00 per semester
Orientation Fee: $100.00
Graduation Application Fee:    Undergraduate  $50.00                        Graduate  $60.00

Housing Fines: Review the Student Resident Handbook.

Parking Fees:  Review the FVSU Parking Policies.

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