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MyFVSUDegree is a Web-based tool for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion. MyFVSUDegree also allows students and their advisors to plan future academic coursework.

MyFVSUDegree should only be used to evaluate degree progress for undergraduate students who first entered FVSU or have a catalog year equal to Fall 2011 or later.

The catalog year determines which catalog/degree requirements students follow to obtain a degree. Students/Advisors may update the catalog year to Fall 2011 or later. With the implementation of MyFVSUDegree, your major and catalog year will have to be correct in order to run a successful degree audit. Please remember a student can only move forward in catalogs and cannot go backwards. Once a request has been submitted to change a student’s catalog year, the student will not be able to switch back to a previous catalog.

A MyFVSUDegree audit is a review of past, current and “planned” coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree/major/minor/concentration.

Yes. Access to DegreeWorks is through MyFVSU.

Yes. Like other processes you use through MyFVSU, MyFVSUDegree is accessed through your secure log in. Your advisor, faculty, and selected staff will be able to view the information contained in MyFVSUDegree.

Currently, MyFVSUDegree is available to all FVSU students. Advisors, faculty, and selected staff will also have access for the purpose of supporting your progress through your matriculation at the university.

No. MyFVSUDegree is a snapshot of courses in-progress, planned, and in academic history. Registration, add/drop, requests to audit courses, etc., are still handled through already established university procedures.

The information in MyFVSUDegree is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (e.g., grade changes or classes added/dropped) will be seen in MyFVSUDegree the next day. But, your advisor has the ability to refresh and process a new audit to pull in your latest student data to view any changes that might have happened the same day.

Yes. MyFVSUDegree is in a block format displaying degree, major, minor, and concentration requirements information. Look for unchecked boxes to identify requirements that you still need to complete.

Yes. Once grades have been processed at the end of the semester, they are viewable in MyFVSUDegree. Courses in-progress are listed as “CURR” in the grade column.

No. MyFVSUDegree is an unofficial audit of your coursework, as well as an outline of requirements still needed to complete your program of study.

You should consult your advisor and review your audit with him/her to ensure accuracy. Reminder: Advisors, be sure to refresh and click “Process New” to view most current information.

You cannot update course information in MyFVSUDegree. If you need to change your major/minor/concentration (Undergraduates only) you need to follow the university procedure for doing so.

Your audit will display the courses you have taken or are in progress. The audit will show you any degree, major, minor, or concentration requirements that are being met by the courses you have taken or that may be met upon satisfactory completion of courses in progress.

MyFVSUDegree uses the information that is current in academic history. You will be able to view any courses that have been completed/registered for/transferred by the date your audit was last refreshed. (Data is refreshed nightly.) Keep in mind that any transfer work or grade changes that have not been formally submitted and accepted will not appear on your audit.

Your audit will outline for you courses still needed to meet degree, major, minor, and/or concentration requirements within each specific block. Use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

Yes. Click on the advisor’s name and the email client will pop up in order for you to send an email.

You can email your advisor from your MyDegreeWorks audit. Your advisor’s contact information and other student information can be found on the “Student Information” page in MyFVSU, located under “Student Records”.

Your academic advisor is your primary point of contact. If he/she determines that your audit is incorrect, he/she will contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance at

You can email your advisor from your MyDegreeWorks audit. Your advisor’s contact information and other student information can be found on the “Student Information” page in MyFVSU, located under “Student Records”.

By clicking on a course in your audit you can view the course description, pre-requisites required, and available course sections for the upcoming semester. Course sections do not show location, use the Dynamic Schedule to view additional course details.

It can take up to 3 to 5 days to process a declaration/change of major.

You can access your second degree audit by using the Degree drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Courses from which you have withdrawn will appear in the Insufficient block on your audit.

MyFVSUDegree adheres to FVSU’s Academic Forgiveness Policy when producing a degree audit. A student is eligible to repeat courses without limits in which a grade of “D”, “F” or “WF” has been earned. The last earned grade shall be calculated in the student’s institutional grade point average. The previously enrolled course will appear in the Insufficient block on your audit.

You should contact your advisor to have any exemption issue resolved. Any waivers, substitutions, or exceptions for major, minor or concentration requirements will be communicated to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate Dean.

You can print your audit by clicking on the “Print” button at the top or you can print the Registration Checklist and/or save the audit in a PDF (use the drop down arrow under format to locate the registration checklist).

The What If function allows you to hypothetically change your major, minor, or concentration. Your new What If audit will show you what coursework is required for this major, minor, or concentration, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.

The Term Calculator will show you your estimated cumulative GPA after you fill in hypothetical grade information. By putting in your current earned credits and GPA and placing your in-progress courses in the table (this all will default in for you) along with the grade you anticipate receiving for each course; you will see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates you provided.

No. This GPA Calculator tool is designed for estimation purposes only and is not final and should not be deemed as such. This calculator does not account for our Forgiveness Policy. In addition, Learning Support/ Remedial courses are not taken into consideration for the overall GPA. Please note that the cumulative GPA calculated using this tool may differ from the HOPE eligibility GPA.

You enter the GPA you would like to have at graduation. The Graduation Calculator will show what GPA you will need to average over your remaining semesters to obtain your desired GPA at graduation.

It can take up to 3 to 5 days to process a declaration/change of major.

The advice calculator will show you how many credits must be earned at a certain GPA to achieve your desired GPA.