Open Records Requests and Subpoenas

The Office of Legal Affairs is solely designated to receive and respond to requests for public documents and records. Responding to requests for documents and records is time sensitive and therefore all requests for documents and records must be immediately referred to the Office of Legal Affairs.

A subpoena is court order for a person to appear at a specific place at a specific time usually in conjunction with a pending lawsuit in which the university may or may not be a party. The person to whom the subpoena is directed may be instructed to bring certain records or documents. If a subpoena or any other legal document is received by a FVSU employee in their official capacity, they should immediately deliver the document to the Office of Legal Affairs.

Responses to legal documents must be made within strict time limitations. Failure to immediately refer legal documents to the Office of Legal Affairs may prevent the university from responding in a timely manner and thereby subject the university to sanctions or penalties.

To make a request, please complete the form below.

Open Records Request Form

Karin Vinson, J.D., Compliance Coordinator