Coronavirus Preparations

As part of the FVSU contingency plan to address the COVID-19 situation, the Online Learning Department has developed the following plan to quickly prepare courses for online delivery. NOTE: this is not intended to be a comprehensive method for developing online courses/units, but is a single, effective manner to quickly prepare and deliver instruction online.

For those who are new to online learning and/or D2L, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Log into D2L ( using your standard FVSU credentials.
  2. Select 1 of your courses in which to create a lesson.
  3. Create an announcement with lesson directions and guidance for your students.
  4. Create a discussion and/or assignment to accompany your lesson.
  5. (Optional) Create a Collaborate “room” for class video conferencing.

For guided assistance, use the following steps and resources.

Before you begin

Step 1 – Access and Preparation

  1. Using your standard FVSU credentials, log into D2L. If you experience problems with your login, contact the IT Helpdesk (478-825-6228). Video Tutorial – D2L Login
  2. Select the Waffle Icon with 3 rows of 3 small squares eachicon in the top menu. Select 1 of your courses from your list of classes to prepare your first lesson.
  3. Plan your lesson.
    1. Review your syllabus and determine what you will be teaching.
    2. Lessons may center around a topic, textbook chapters, or an assignment/activity.
    3. Consider including:
      • An introduction to the topic;
      • Your explanation about the topic or unit; your classroom notes may be included;
      • A list of the tasks a student will complete; i.e. reading, discussion, assignment, etc.

Step 2 – Create an Announcement

Step 3 – Create a Grade Item

Step 4 – Create a Discussion Topic

Step 5 – Create a Written Assignment

Step 6 – Create a Collaborate Session (Option real-time meetings)

Step 7 – Adding a YouTube Video, PowerPoint, Word Doc. or PDF

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Additional Resources