Communication with the Office of Financial Aid

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The Office of Financial Aid will communicate with students primarily through their Fort Valley State University email address and Banner Web. Students will be expected to access Banner Web for the following:

  • To determine missing documents required to complete the application process.
  • To view and print financial aid award letters.
  • To accept, decline, or reduce awards offered.
  • To complete Terms and Conditions.
  • To review Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing.
  • To review messages from the Office of Financial Aid.
  • To complete Entrance and Exit Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

The vast majority of your questions can be answered by accessing Banner Web. This is especially helpful during our peek processing months when contacting the office is difficult. Banner Web updates occur in real time. What this means is that as we make changes to student’s files, those changes are immediately updated in Banner Web. We have invested in this technology in order to put you in the driver’s seat from any computer connected to the web, thus eliminating your need to visit the Office of Financial Aid and giving you the ability to monitor the progress of your application for financial aid from the comfort of your home. We urge students and parents to use Banner Web to monitor their application process. By doing so, it permits us to devote time to student applications which are more complex and require additional attention in processing. However, should you need to contact the office, the information provided below will assist you in reaching your Financial Aid Advisor. Advisors have been assigned by the student’s last name.


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