FVSU Rights and Responsibilities


Students and prospective students have the right to know that financial aid programs are available at The Fort Valley State University, the deadlines for submitting applications and the manner in which student aid is distributed. Students may also request an explanation of the various programs included in the financial aid award and the University’s criteria for Satisfactory Academic Progress. The institution is required to maintain appropriate confidentiality in administering the financial aid application and the supporting financial documents.

Financial aid information and application materials will be available at the Office of Financial Aid throughout the year. Please feel to contact our office if you have questions regarding your financial aid application.


  1. You are responsible for reading, understanding, and keeping a copy of all forms that you are asked to sign.
  2. You must complete all application and financial forms accurately and submit them on time to the right place.
  3. You must provide correct information. In most instances, reporting incorrect information on financial aid application forms is a violation of law and may be considered a criminal offense that could result in indictment under the U.S. Criminal Code.
  4. You must return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by the agency to which you submitted your financial information or the Office of Financial Aid.
  5. You must accept responsibility for all agreements that you sign.
  6. You must perform the work that is agreed upon in accepting a Federal Work-Study award.
  7. You should be aware of the University’s refund policy as contained in such publications as the University Catalog and Student Financial Services Section of the University website.
  8. You are responsible for notifying the Office of Financial Aid of (a) any change in the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled; (b) any name, address, or telephone change; (c) a change in marital status or number of dependents in the family; (d) a change in financial status; and, (e) withdrawal from the University.
  9. You are responsible for the STATEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE in which you affirm that any financial aid funds received will be used solely for expenses related to attendance at The Fort Valley State University.
  10. Students who receive any type of student loan while attending The Fort Valley State University must complete entrance and exit loan counseling before leaving the University.

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