Risk Management, Safety, and Transportation

The Director of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation provides executive direction to the formulation and administration of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation policies and programs in meeting the University’s risk management, public health, safety, environmental protection, transportation and compliance responsibilities. This department plans and directs the development of risk management and loss prevention programs in order to provide maximum protection of the University’s assets at the most economical rates.   This area is also responsible for managing the University’s vehicle fleet in accordance with DOAS and Board of Regents guidelines. Training is provided as well as inspection throughout the FVSU campus to ensure continued compliance.


FVSU Forms and Policies


All employees and units of Fort Valley State University are affected by the University’s Vehicle Usage Policy and must have read and understood the requirements of the policy to have an assigned vehicle, use any of the vehicles owned by the University, or to rent a vehicle utilizing University funds.

Note: All University Employees using University Vehicles and/or renting vehicles that are paid with University funds, should familiarize themselves and comply with the University’s Vehicle Use Policy.

Procedures for Reserving and Using a Motor Pool Vehicle

To request a vehicle, an FVSU employee must submit the following:

  • Motor Pool Vehicle Trip Request Form
  • Driver Acknowledgement Form (if not already on file)
  • Driver’s License Check Form (if not already on file)

These forms are available by linking on the form name on this website or through the office of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation. Requests received after hours will be processed the next business day. Vehicles are issued on a first come, first served basis. Departments and employees should plan 14-21 days in advance and make early reservations. Sharing a vehicle is strongly encouraged for employees traveling to the same destination. Should a vehicle not be available through the Motor Pool, and an employee chooses not to use a personal vehicle for travel, a requestor may contact the Transportation Office for vehicle rentals using the State’s contract with Enterprise (in-State only) or Hertz (for outside the state of Georgia). Vehicle rentals must be done utilizing the state contract or travelers will not be reimbursed the cost of a rental.

Gas will be billed based on the fuel card PIN charges (see Fuel Card section below).

Cancellation policy: When departments determine they no longer need to use a vehicle previously scheduled, the department is responsible for notifying the Director of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation in a timely manner during normal business hours. If the Motor Pool does not receive a 24 hour notice and the vehicle cannot be reassigned, a cancellation fee of one day’s vehicle rental will be assessed.

Checking-out a vehicle

Motor Pool vehicles must be checked out during the hours of 9:00 a.m. 11: a.m. or 2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. When it is time to pick up your vehicle be sure that:

  • You have a valid driver’s license.
  • You bring the approved vehicle trip request form for the trip.
  • You have the approved travel authorization number if not provided on the Vehicle Request Form.
  • You check the vehicle for any damage; if damage is noted prior to departure, please indicate this on the Trip Ticket that will be provided to you.

After receiving the keys for a vehicle from the Motor Pool, check the accompanying packet for the following documents:

  • Fuel Card/Wright Express Drivers Guide
  • Insurance Card
  • Motor Pool Procedures
  • Driver Notification Form to report any vehicle incidents, tickets, etc.
  • An Envelope for Key-Return and fuel card receipts

Returning a vehicle

Vehicles may be returned between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. Departments will be charged for holding a vehicle over the weekend. Arrangements may be made with the Director of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation to turn a vehicle in at an alternative time.

  • Make sure the gas tank has been filled immediately prior to returning the vehicle. If it has not, an additional charge for gas and labor will be assessed to the department.
  • If someone is not available in the Office of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation, please follow these instructions:
    • Park the vehicle in the designated area.
    • Enter the return date and ending odometer reading on the envelope provided.
    • Clean and/or remove all garbage, debris and personal belongings.
    • Turn off the lights, close and lock all windows doors.
    • Bring the keys, fuel card, and gas receipts to the Administrative Assistant, Business & Finance, 3rd Floor Troup Building. Make sure to report any mechanical problems you encountered on the trip at that time, documenting them as possible.

Driver Responsibilities

Drivers of Motor Pool vehicles represent the University community to the general public and are expected to drive defensively, be courteous and obey all traffic laws. All drivers must read, understand, and follow the Vehicle Usage Policy and the additional items found on the Trip Ticket. Drivers are also responsible for:

  • Checking all gauges and heed all warnings if indicated during your trip,
  • Reporting all accidents and damage to the vehicle to the Office of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation.
  • Returning vehicles to the appropriate location on time and in a clean and presentable condition,
  • Notifying the Office of Risk Management, Safety and Transportation if the vehicle cannot be returned on time.

Fuel Card

A Wright Express (WEX) fuel card is assigned to each State vehicle. Do not use the fuel card in any vehicle except the one to which it is assigned. This gas card is valid at most major gas stations. At the service stations, look for the Wright Express logo sticker on the gas pump, or ASK if they accept the card BEFORE refueling.

The fuel card may be used for purchases of gas, oil, windshield wipers, basic car wash, etc. All vehicles will use only regular unleaded 87 octane fuel should be purchased for all Motor Pool vehicles. Do not use the card for repairs or maintenance of the assigned vehicles.

Each driver (by name) is assigned a specific individualized Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN can be used by the individual with any fuel card assigned to a specific vehicle.  If a card is lost or stolen, it should be reported to the Office of Transportation and WEX immediately. Upon return of the vehicle, the driver must return all Fuel Card receipts along with the key to the vehicle in the envelope provided.