Fort Valley State University REP4 Southeast Summer Summit Program is looking for high school or college bound minority students interested in participating in a transformational project.

Experience REP4 Live Regional Summits, hosted annually by Fort Valley State University, bring together learners from local and regional high schools, and youth-serving organizations, to generate ideas that transform the student's lives, their communities, and education itself. Learners build essential skills and take charge of their education while our institution encourages and asseses ideas for educational change. At Fort Valley State, learner cohorts of rising high school and college bound students are identified by schools and organizations throughout the region who have joined as partners to create the Southeast Learner Design Summit experience. The annual summit journey will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their futures and take advantage of expanded college opportunities and benefits available to participants who successfully complete the program.


  • Free on-campus residency during the summit
  • Admission application fee waiver and guaranteed admission upon successful completion of the experience
  • Competition for scholarships for the strongest participants
  • Learn and practice Design Thinking and gain entrepreneurial skills
  • Connect with peers, coaches, and professionals to support future and lifelong learning
  • Engage in student capacity building for college and career opportunities
  • Program participation is free

June 24-28, 2024

5 Day Learning Experience

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REP4 2024 Recap

With 34 eager participants, the REP4 camp commenced as they settled into the comfortable dormitories located on the Fort Valley State Campus. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and joy as many of them were accompanied by their loved ones. The participants enthusiastically expressed their excitement for the upcoming camp activities and experiences.



The students, integral to the learning process, began the day with a nourishing breakfast at the Junia J. Fambro Dining Center. They then actively participated in the introductions/Box and Whiskers activity, a crucial part of the event that introduced the presenters and provided a glimpse into the theme ideas for the REP4 year: Financial Literacy, Food Insecurity, and Mental Health, all of which are significant topics to the Middle Georgia Community. 

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Grant, a licensed financial professional, investor, and author of the book A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz, the students were immersed in the world of financial literacy. Dr. Grant's 'Planting Seeds of Wealth: Nurturing Investment for Growth' workshop series, tailored for high school students, provided a solid foundation in financial literacy. The students could even apply their learning with play money, making the session a truly enriching experience. Here's a glimpse of the impact it had: 

  • Karmen Hill, 9th Grade, Mount De Sales Academy, emphasized the importance of money management by stating, "Money management is important, and you have to make sure that you save your money because you never know what will happen in life."
  • Charles Wood, 10th, Houston County High School, advised, "You need to focus on your money more, not lose track of it, and have better money management so you can save and spend effectively."

In the event's second session, Dr. Harvey Beasley, an esteemed expert in agriculture, took the lead in addressing the critical issue of food insecurity. Dr. Beasley's presentation underscored the importance of farmland and delved into the value of embracing sustainable agricultural practices to combat food insecurity. He provided a comprehensive overview of various crops, shedding light on their cultivation, nutritional value, and potential food security impacts. His insightful presentation left a lasting impression on the audience, equipping them with a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of ensuring access to an adequate and nutritious food supply.

The students began their day with Dr. Grant, who provided a thorough overview of the stock market and investing principles. She discussed the concept of giving stocks to her children and emphasized that people of any age can invest in the stock market.

  • Rice Madison shared her thoughts on the session, expressing how she now feels equipped to educate her family about investing in the stock market, seeing it as the first step in creating generational wealth.

In the afternoon, the students were divided into two groups and visited two local daycares in the Fort Valley community to interact with the children and read to them. The students read Grumpy Monkey to the Children, a book about moods and friendships that discussed ways to effectively express one's emotions with friends and family by asking the right questions and supporting the people you care about. This visit was to show how mental health starts when you are a child and how you can help your community by teaching wellness. Following the visits, they were introduced to the world of mental health.


On the third day, the students had the opportunity to explore two distinct farms nestled within the expansive 1,365-acre campus of Fort Valley State University, a true hidden gem in Fort Valley. As they navigated through the farms, they were able to engage with and observe various aspects of agricultural life. They encountered grazing sheep and cattle, gaining insight into livestock management practices. Additionally, they had the chance to witness aquaculture systems in action, learning about sustainable and innovative food production methods.

  • This immersive experience also allowed the students to partake in the hands-on activity of harvesting. They delighted in picking an assortment of fresh produce, including ripe blueberries, flavorful pecans, juicy muscadines, and wholesome chestnuts, which they were able to take home with them.
  • The visit reminded the participants of the profound impact of land ownership, not just in terms of agricultural output but also for its broader benefits for families and communities. It underscored the pivotal role that responsible agricultural practices can play in addressing food insecurity and promoting sustainable food systems.​​​​​


The students spent the day crafting their research findings into a presentation based on their experiences at the workshops and site visits during the REP4 week. They had a chance to do a trial run of their final presentation and received feedback from their peers and staff so they could perfect their presentation for Day 5.

Dr. Haywood, a psychology professor, has developed a course on the "Hip-Hop of Psychology," which is especially relevant as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. This course offers a comprehensive overview of how psychology is interwoven with hip-hop, addressing critical issues such as mental health, financial literacy, and food insecurity. Dr. Haywood encourages students to use hip-hop as a positive tool in their lives, emphasizing its potential to have a meaningful and positive impact. He also encourages students to ensure that their presentations are authentic reflections of themselves, as his topic relates to the FVSU REP4 theme. 


On the final day, the students presented their research and findings on finance literacy, food insecurity, and mental health. Their presentations were a culmination of their learning and experiences at the REP4 camp, and they demonstrated a deep understanding of the camp's themes and their relevance to the Middle Georgia Community. 



The event ended as participants proudly presented their research to an audience that included their families, friends, the President of Fort Valley, Dr. Jones, REP4 Staff, and many other distinguished guests. A delightful brunch marked the culmination of the day before the students bid farewell and moved out.




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