Admissions/Applications for Education

Admissions/Applications for Education

Applicants to the College of Education must first be admitted to Fort Valley State University.

The College of Education Application process requires the following:

Application for admission to the College of Education

Minimum Admissions Requirements for College of Education

Candidates for initial certification at the baccalaureate level must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted to the teacher education program:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, with no grade below C, on all attempted core hours.
  • Complete 50 or more semester hours of core courses and institutional requirements.
  • Pass the Regents’ Reading Exam.
  • Pass the Regents’ Writing Exam.
  • Pass GACE Basic Skills exams or be exempt. (1000 on SAT Verbal and Math; 43 on ACT English and math.)
  • Complete all Pre-Professional Block courses: EDUC 2110, EDUC 2120, EDUC 2130 and EDUC 2110P, COED 2110 (Field Experience) and Pre-Professional Block Portfolio.
  • Have an acceptable background check.
  • Have Acceptable or above ratings on the Evaluation of Candidate’s Dispositions and Professional Behaviors form
  • Have an Acceptable or above rating on the writing sample
  • Have an average of Acceptable or above on the Interview for Admission to Teacher Education
  • Have “Acceptable” or above ratings on three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Have proof of liability insurance
  • Have proof of membership in GAESP or SPAGE
  • Post-Baccalaureate students

Candidates enrolled as regular post-bacc students will complete each practicum experience associated with the methods courses. After admission to the program they will take the required content courses and will follow the regular route through the program.

The following are required for admission:

  • A personal interview
  • Writing sample
  • T-4 or eligibility for one
  • Proof of liability insurance

Candidates who are enrolled as non-traditional post-bacc students (who may already be teaching in their own classroom) will progress through the program in the same manner as regular post-bacc candidates, taking content courses while they complete the first three semesters of the pedagogical course work. When they are enrolled in the Methods Blocks/Practicum I and II, their unit plans and lesson plans will use the same templates as regular candidates, but their plans will reflect an integration of the specific methods courses they are taking into their regular classroom plans. Their units should also reflect team planning of units as often as possible.