Student Code of Conduct

Fort Valley State University functions to provide teaching, learning, and social interchange in a healthy environment. Accordingly, certain rules and regulations must exist and be enforced. Such rules and regulations have been standardized into a STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT. The Code of Conduct is housed within the FVSU Student Handbook and can be accessed through this link: FVSU Student Handbook.

This Code of Conduct applies to all students enrolled at Fort Valley State University. Violations of this code of conduct are processed through the Office of Student Conduct (OSC). OSC is currently located in the C.V. Troup Administrative Building, Room 130.

Phone: 478-825-6528

Fax: 478-825-6328

Incident Reporting

In an effort to advance the mission of the Office of Judicial Affairs, it will require that all constituents of Fort Valley State University assist.  This means that all members of the University community must report any violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  In addition to reporting violations to any administrative offices—including, but not limited to Fort Valley State University Police and the Office of Judicial Affairs–for referral and subsequent processing, all are encouraged to report violations using the following link: 

FVSU Incident Report Form