Dwayne Daniels

Associate Professor

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Dwayne Daniels

Dwayne Daniels

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

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E-mail: danielsd@fvsu.edu
Current Position:
Chair of Chemistry and the Director of the Peach State LSAMP Program


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (May 1987)
Master of Science, Organic Chemistry: Minor in Analytical Chemistry (August 1992)
North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC
Doctor of Philosophy, Organic Chemistry (May 1997)
Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga.
Post-Doc, Bio-Organic Chemistry (July 1999)
Tufts University, Medford, MA.


Fort Valley State University
Fort Valley, Ga.

August 1999- present
As a professor, I am responsible for teaching organic I and II lecture and lab as well as biochemistry, environmental hazard management and physical science. Research involves the synthesis of peptide DNA hybrids and natural products. As the Right-To-Know Coordinator and Environmental Health and Safety Officer from 1999-2003, I was responsible for the training faculty and informing employees about hazards in the work place. I have been the department chair since 2009 and is responsible for overseeing the daily operation, course scheduling, planning, management of faculty, staff and students, student advising, student recruitment, program assessment and data collection. I have been the LSAMP STEM Director since 2005. I am responsible for the vision of the program, student research, developing workshops, taking students to conferences and developing collaborations with other programs that would benefit both institutions.
Tufts University
Medford, MA
March 1998-July 1999
As a research associate, synthesized peptide DNA hybrids and cholic acid DNA hybrids in the search for new therapeutic agents that bind to DNA or RNA targets. This work involved the use of combinatorial synthesis and invitro selection to identify hybrids with increased affinity for target strands. Critical positions in the hybrids were randomized to produce small libraries. The survival of the individual members of the libraries were monitored by quantitative laser desorption mass spectrometry. Purification and identification techniques used were reverse phase HPLC, 1D and 2D NMR, UV, and Maldi-tof Mass Spectrometry.
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, Ga.
August 1992-May 1997
Working under the direction of the late Dr. H.C. McBay investigated the photobromination of epoxides in order to gather more information on the rearrangement of epoxidyl free radicals and to develop feasible methods of generating the epoxidyl free radical. Was responsible for syntheses, purification, and identification of products. Assisted in supervising undergraduate researchers.
Spelman College
Atlanta, Ga.
August 1992-July 1995
As chemistry instructor, directed approximately twenty students on laboratory safety, procedures and techniques. Demonstrated how to use and interpret data from various instruments, such as FTIR, GC, and proton NMR. Responsible for teaching students how to organize laboratory notebooks and collect data. Taught students how to purify and characterize unknown compounds by wet chemistry and analytical methods.
North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC
May 1988-July 1991
Studied the reaction between diakylmalonyl chlorides and benzohydroxamic acids in the presence of pyridine, which led to the isolation of 3,5-lsoxazolidinediones. The stability of the compounds was investigated by refluxing in methanol for twelve hours and analyzing the residue by HPLC. Assisted in teaching and preparing for general and organic chemistry labs.


  • Certificate of Appreciation for FVSU President’s Inauguration-2014

  • Mentorship Award, Research Day-2014

  • Certificate of Appreciation, FVSU Science Club -2014

  • Professor’s Award, Georgia Bible College-2013

  • Minnesota School of Theology, Associates Degree- Summa cum Laude-2013

  • FVSU Outstanding PI/Project Director of the Year-2013

  • Leadership Award, Mt Air Baptist Church- 2013

  • Service Award, Mt Air Baptist Church- 2012

  • Service Award, Shiloh Baptist Church- 2011

  • Department of Energy Scholarship

  • Veterans Administration Scholarship

  • Minority Access to Research Careers Scholarship

  • Minority Biomedical Research Support Scholarship

  • American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Senior in Chemistry Award

  • President and Vice President of the Graduate School Chemistry Club

  • NIH Fellow Peach County Big Brother of the Year- 2002

  • Board of Directors, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Georgia-2003

  • Southeastern Regional Council of Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society- 2005

  • Peach County Big Brother of the Year- 2005
    Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member of the Year- 2005

  • Who’s Who Among American Teachers- 2006

  • Bill Glass Champions for Life 2006


UNCF/MERCK Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Principal Investigator
$10,000, 2014
Peach State LSAMP
Fort Valley State University’s Principal Investigator $5,000,000,000 over 5 years, Funded by NSF, 2011.
Updating Entomology program at FVSU to Reflect Advances in Insects Chemical Ecology and Pathology
Co-Principal Investigator
Funded by NSF, $300,000 for 3 years, 2008
Health Disparities Grant
Co-Principal Investigator
$255,000, Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, 2006
Peach State LSAMP
Fort Valley State University’s Principal Investigator $5,000,000,000 over 5 years- Funded by NSF, 2005
Enhancing the Chemistry Curriculum and Research Capabilities Via Laboratory Instrumentation
Principal Investigator
$155,275 from the Department of Defense, 2003


  • Research Project with Dr. Owolabi

  • Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria- 2014

  • Math and Science Partnership with Middle Ga RESA-2014

  • Math and Science TEP with College of Education and Dean Hill-2014

  • Co-Chaired the Annual BKX/NIS Conference with CAU 2011-(Dr. Bettye Clark & Tia Minnis)

  • Summer Research Opportunities NSF-CREST 2008-2011 (Dr. Ishrat Khan-CAU)

  • Summer Research Opportunities, Dr. Glake Hill,

  • Jackson State University- 2008-2011

  • Chemistry Team Leader for the NSF HBCU-UP Grant-2007 (Dr. Sarwan Dhir)

  • Chemistry Team Leader for the NIH Bridges Grant- 2006 (Dr. Deepa Arora)

  • Chemistry Facilitator for the HCOP MCAT Preparation- 2005 (Medical College of Ga.)

  • Chemistry Instructor for Pipeline Program 2004 (Dr. Clinton Dixon)


  • Introductory Chemistry I- Chem 1101k

  • Introductory Chemistry I Lab- Chem 1101

  • Introductory Physical Science I- PHSC 1101

  • Principles of Organic Chemistry I- Chem 2221k

  • Principles of Organic Chemistry I Lab- Chem 2221

  • Principles of Organic Chemistry II- Chem 2222k

  • Principles of Organic Chemistry II Lab- Chem 2222

  • Advanced Organic Chemistry-Chem 3320

  • Polymer Chenistry-4350K

  • Biochemistry-3250K

  • Biochemistry Lab-3250

  • Chemistry Seminar- Chem 4210

  • Senior Project- Chem 4450

  • Environmental Hazard Management ENVH 5193 (Graduate level)


  • Grantsmanship Workshop Akure, Nigeria- 2014

  • Ordained a Minister-Shiloh Baptist- 2011

  • Annual Peach State LSAMP Conference- 2005-2013

  • Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students- 2007-2013

  • BKX/NISConference- 2007-2013

  • Commencement Speaker, 2007- Northwest High School (Alma Mater)

  • Summer Public Health Institute-2006

  • Quality Education for Minorities Teacher Professional Continuum-2006

  • Introducing Science Faculty to Material Science and

  • Engineering Workshop-2005

  • Right-To-Know Coordinators Conference-2003

  • Licensed Minister- 2011

  • Pastor of Mt. Air Baptist Church, Hawkinsville, GA- 2012


  • American Chemical Society

  • National Institute of Science

  • Beta Kappa Chi

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Heart of Ga.

  • Bill Glass Champions for Life Prison Ministry

  • Shiloh Baptist Associate Minister

  • Pastor, Mt. Air Baptist Church


Robert A. Izydore, Joseph T. Jones, Benjamin Mogesa, Ira N. Swain, Ronda G. Davis-Ward, Dwayne L. Daniels, Felicia Frazier Kpakima, and Sharnelle T. Spaulding-Phifer, II, Synthesis of 3,5 Isoxazolidinediones and 1H-2,3-Benzoxazine-1,4(3H)‑diones from Aliphatic Oximes and Dicarboxylic Acid Chlorides, J. Org. Chem., 79 (7), 2874-2882, 2014
Biswas BK, Rogers K, McLaughlin F, Daniels DL and Yadav A., Antimicrobial Activities of Leaf Extracts of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) on Two Gram Negative & Gram Positive Bacteria. International Journal of Microbiology, 2013.
Daniels DL, Richert C. One-Pot Synthesis of L-Felinine, Tetrahedron Lett., 1999,40,4463-4465.
Daniels DL, Izydore R, Hall, Taylor K. Effects of Benzohydroxamic Acids on L1210 Lymphoid Leukemia Cell Nucleic Acid Metabolism. Pharmizie, 53, 794- 799, 1998.