Real Men Teach (RMT)

“Real Men Teach” is an initiative to support, recruit and retain African American males in their pursuit of careers in education. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance the presence, quality and quantity of male students in the College of Education at Fort Valley State University. Strategies and techniques will be developed that will assist in recruiting and retaining Black males into the College of Education. Through a learning community and cohort model the RMT Initiative will provide teaching and learning experiences that will insure progression through the teacher preparation program. Reasonable incentives such as financial assistance, academic success, social enhancement, cultural enrichment, community and school involvement, and personal motivation will be hallmarks of the initiative.

RMT Initiative Goals:

  1. Strengthen the school-to college pipeline to enable more black male students to move into higher education.
  2. Increase admission and graduation rates at Fort Valley State University in the College of Education.
  3. Improve teacher education to prepare professionals for 21st Century public education.
  4. Improve employment prospects for black males.

The RMT Initiative will provide:

  • An academic support system to help assure their success.
  • A cohort system for social and cultural support.
  • GACE Workshops and funding for an initial exam.
  • Career Development and policy workshops.
  • Clinical education experiences.
  • Mentorship from current and former male public school teachers and administrators.