Summer School Registration Open Now

by Mechell McCrary

Posted on May 21, 2021

Summer School is a great time to catch up or even get ahead.

Take advantage of smaller class sizes and personalized attention that will help you get closer to completing your degree. Make an appointment with your advisor today to enroll. See these key dates.

PAWS Summer School Program

You May be Eligible for Additional Summer School Funds

Managing your studies, finances and personal life can be challenging especially during a global pandemic. But FVSU is here to support you. That's why we're offering the PAWS Summer School Program to eligible students. The FVSU Pandemic Assistance for Wildcat Students program will help cover tuition, fees, meals, textbooks and housing – helping you get the hours you need to get closer to completing your degree.

Made possible through the CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, additional financial support may be available to you during summer school. Contact Financial Aid to see if you're eligible for PAWS. Hurry while funds are still available!


Q. Who is eligible for PAWS?

A. Students who have a demonstrated need as determined by the 2020 – 2021 FAFSA may be eligible for funds through the PAWS Program. A student's EFC will be the primary determinant of eligibility. Students must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours.

Q. What fees are covered under the PAWS program?

A. Funds awarded through the PAWS Program can be applied to tuition, fees, room, board and books for students who register for the summer 2021 term at the time of application.

Q. How do I apply for the PAWS program?

A. To apply for the PAWS Program and to check your eligibility, please complete the application in the following link: CARES Act Distribution - Fort Valley State University (

Q. Will I need to provide supporting documentation like letters, receipts or bills to apply for PAWS?

A. No additional documentation is required to apply for PAWS. You will need only to complete the application provided in the above link and be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours.

Q. Can I apply for PAWS if I have already enrolled in summer school and have other financial aid?

A. Any student enrolled for summer school for 2021 at the time of application may be eligible for a PAWS award. However, PAWS funding will be distributed to students through the refund process after all other grants and scholarships are applied. Students do not have to accept loans in order to be eligible for PAWS funding.

Q. Will I be eligible for a refund if I qualify for the PAWS program?

A. Funds through the PAWS Program will distributed to students. It is the student's responsibility to cover all summer 2021 charges. If a student is eligible for a refund through other aid, it will be sent to the student via the university's refund process.

Q. How will I receive PAWS funds?

A. Funds will be distributed to students through the university's refund process and will be credited to the account that students identified through the Bank Mobile.

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