Alumna Anastasia Talton, '06, is Helping to Change the Digital World

Posted on Jun 25, 2019

If Facebook users were a country, it would easily be the world's largest. In fact, the social media platform's 2 billion users is a figure larger than the combined populations of China, Brazil, and the United States. From enabling personal connections to emails to product promotion, many aspects of day-to-day life are in some way influenced by the technology giant. The dynamic nature of the corporation has attracted thousands of the world's most talented employees, including Fort Valley State University alumna Anastasia Talton.

"I wanted to work for a company that did amazing things!" Talton explained.

Talton grew up in Fort Valley, and was a first-generation college student. There was little doubt where she would attend.

"Our grandparents told me if I was going to school I was going to Fort Valley State University," she said.

At Facebook, she supports recruiting efforts for the diversity and inclusion team led by the company's chief diversity officer. She believes that the first step in creating a diverse workforce is for a company to simply focus on doing what is right, and that will lead to changes in bias and behaviors. Especially in the technology industry, having a variety of viewpoints is crucial as companies search for the best ideas.

"Having an array of different perspectives and knowledge bases is important in technology in order to create the right solutions for complex problems in business," she said. "Innovation is critical. Diversity and collaboration lead to innovation."

Talton's work has helped companies efficiently manage workforce planning and reduce staffing costs. She loves networking and meeting new people. She believes that her success lies in the way she engages potential recruits, putting them at ease and allowing them to be themselves. Above all, she said, she values relationships. The alumna is also passionate about veterans. Both of her grandfathers served in the military. She works with veterans

on career transitions and personal branding, helping them to move into the civilian workforce. She's reviewed resumes and helped them describe their most valuable skills on paper. In addition, she's coordinated projects which have provided hundreds of homeless veterans with meals, hygiene kits, clothing, and blankets. She also supports Facebook's veteran recruiting and engagement teams. For her, career enjoyment is based on finding fulfillment.

"I believe that until we find our purpose and passion we are not truly fulfilled," she said.

At FVSU, she learned how to network and practice business acumen. She served as Miss Habitat for Humanity and was part of the marketing club. The school drove her to work hard, do great things, and give back. Faculty and staff helped motivate her. The sense of family at the university would make it worthwhile for her to do it all over again, she said.

"If you are considering an institution that provides support, nurturing, and love to every student that steps on campus, Fort Valley State University is it!" she said.

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