Learn the language of business, interpreting the bottom line financial health of an organization and helping organizations analyze their future financial prospects.

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Accounting is the language of business

Accountants shine the light of reality on the bottom line, helping organizations understand their current financial standing and prospects for financial growth and decline in the coming years. 

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Professionals with accounting backgrounds are indispensable to most organizations. They serve as auditors, financial analysts, pricing and yield managers, controllers, comptrollers, payroll specialists, management consultants, investment bankers, bookkeepers, budget managers, chief financial officers, procurement officers, merger and acquisition specialists, and billing managers. Many accountants go on to become certified public accountants, a special certification that demonstrates their competence. 

Accounting students at FVSU can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in accounting. Students take courses including financial, managerial, cost, and intermediate accounting, taxation, auditing, fraud examination, and accounting information systems. 

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