Explore strategies and practices which ensure that products, ideas, and services are embraced by end users. This includes matters related to the pricing, development, promotion, and distribution.

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Marketing is the ultimate promotion of an organization

Marketing is the study and practice of strategies to ensure that products, ideas, and services are embraced by end users.

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Marketing includes matters related to the pricing, development, promotion, and distribution of products, ideas, and services. They are the ultimate promoters of an organization or individual’s brand and strongly influence competitive positioning. Marketers are multifaceted, understanding complex areas like statistics, search engine optimization, and data analytics, but are likewise effective in managing areas like messaging and design.

Marketers have to use data, research, innovation, and editorial, visual, and multi-media creativity to get people to follow a desired course of action. Particularly in light of the internet, social media, and mobile technology, marketers have more opportunity—and competition—to reach prospective customers, clients, recipients of information, or users of a service.  Marketers lead organizations into new areas for enterprise and maximize the outcomes of an organization’s ongoing activities.

Careers in Marketing

Professionals with marketing backgrounds are skilled in understanding customer needs and influencing their perceptions. They often pursue careers involving advertising design and placement or research and development, or as strategists, entrepreneurs, analysts, customer service managers, salespersons, copy writers, promoters, event directors, merchandisers, salespersons, public relations managers, or brand managers.

Marketing students at FVSU earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs are administered through the Business Administration Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.


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