Student Health and Counseling Services Provided


Services Provided

  • Individual counseling and therapy have been demonstrated to make a difference when someone is dealing with a personal or relational problem. While the problem might work itself out without counseling, these services could speed the process.
  • Group counseling can provide students with a situation in which they can attempt new behaviors and safely receive feedback. A group might have a specific topic, like test anxiety or abusive relationships. Other groups might be support groups to help with a difficult topic like smoking cessation. Still other groups might allow members to decide each week what they would like to explore.
  • Crisis support is also available through Valley Behavioral Health Services. Someone will answer the phone 24/7 and provide assistance. In situations where a life-threatening or violent event occurs, psychological first aid should be arranged for everyone involved within 72 hours.
  • Consultation is available for faculty, staff and students to investigate problem situations and identify fresh alternatives. Campus leaders might consider consulting with VBHS about changes in their organization.
  • Coaching is a combination of counseling and consulting. Our practitioner becomes your personal trainer to advise and hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals, such as breaking a habit, starting a new pattern, or getting along with others better.
  • Disaster Relief requires psychological first aid on a massive scale. Arrangements will be established for having a network of trained people to assist FVSU in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Outreach programs will occur each year targeting particular issues. A variety of resources will be made available on campus to inform and support mental. and emotional wellness.