Real Wildcats Vote. It's Our Legacy

Posted on Nov 06, 2018

If you can vote in Georgia today, you can largely thank FVSU alumnus Austin Thomas Walden, class of 1902.

As one of Georgia's only African-American lawyers in the early twentieth century, he led the fight to allow black Georgians to vote in party primaries and then founded and co-chaired the Atlanta Negro Voters League, a nonpartisan organization which dramatically increased voter participation in the state by registering African-Americans to vote, educating them on election procedure, and getting them to the polls. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, the League was perhaps the greatest voter mobilization force for African-Americans in Georgia. Regardless of race, all Georgians can thank Walden for helping to make real the American democratic principle of "one man, one vote," which ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the voting process for us all.

Walden would become Georgia's first black judge.

The legacy of Wildcats is to vote.

Learn more about the Atlanta Negro Voters League here.

Learn more about Austin Thomas Walden here.

As a matter of policy, FVSU does not endorse or promote any candidate or platform, though the University System of Georgia encourages all students, faculty, and staff to be engaged citizens and participate fully in the democratic process.

Also note:

USG policy regarding political activities:

FVSU Free Speech Policy: /about-fort-valley-state-university/rent-fvsu-event-space/fvsu-free-speech-policy/

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