George C. Fraser, Keynote Speaker

Posted on Feb 19, 2018

George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded almost 30 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of African descent. He is considered by many to be a new voice for African Americans and one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking, and building effective relationships.

While Fraser's accomplishments are significant, his beginnings were very humble. He was born in Brooklyn, NY into a family of 11 children (8 boys and 3 girls). When his mom became mentally ill, his dad, a cab driver, could not care for 11 children. He was orphaned at 3 and spent 14 years in foster homes. Growing up on the streets of New York he had little hope and no expectations.

Although his guidance counselor suggested he drop out of high school, Fraser graduated from high school with a vocational diploma in woodworking because the school system did not consider him college material. He felt differently, and for several years mopped floors on the midnight shift at LaGuardia Airport while he paid his way through college. Later, in 1996, he graduated from the prestigious Dartmouth College Minority Business Executive Program. In 1999, he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters from Jarvis Christian College.

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