Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Study the practice of producing and moving goods and services to the end user, often the customer.

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Supply Chain and logistic management Keep the shelves stocked

Supply chain and logistics management is the study and practice of getting goods and services to the end user, often the customer.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Management involves moving raw materials through the production cycle and sales or selection process to be ultimately delivered to the person or entity who has chosen it.

FVSU students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in supply chain and logistics management. These students take courses in principles of business logistics, procurement and materials management, physical distribution, transportation, global logistics, warehousing and terminal management, and supply chain analysis, among others.

Careers in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Professionals with supply chain management and logistics background often pursue careers as operations managers, general managers, production mangers, purchasing managers, buyers, and logisticians. Supply chain and logistics graduates are highly sought after and work in environments including oil and energy, health care, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, retailing, and the military.


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Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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