FVSU Alum Leads Force Generation Center at Robins Air Force Base

by Jazmin Thomas-Pullen

Posted on Dec 21, 2023

On December 4, Brigadier General Kelvin D. McElroy became the Commander of the Force Generation Center (FGC) at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

McElroy graduated from Fort Valley State College (FVSC) in 1994 with a bachelor's in business administration and began his military journey when he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army in June of the same year through the Army Reserve Officer Training Program at FVSC. Initially serving as an air defense artillery officer during his active duty, he transitioned to the Air Force Reserve in 2000. Since then, he has held various key positions, including chief of supply and fuels, Air Force ROTC instructor, deputy of warfighter logistics, and maintenance squadron commander.

The Force Generation Center is a pivotal organization tasked with efficiently producing Air Force Reserve forces. By capitalizing on Reserve strategic capabilities, the FGC addresses operational needs and plays a crucial role in supporting global force management. This encompasses overseeing, tracking, and ensuring accountability for all Air Force Reserve forces.

In his leadership role, Brig. Gen. McElroy oversees a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from activating individual Reservists for global force management to mobilizing entire combat-capable units for deployment in support of combatant commands. His focus extends beyond the Air Force, encompassing various organizations involved in Air Force, Joint, and Combat Command exercises. His objective is to maintain a pool of ready and available forces to meet diverse mission requirements.

When asked what this opportunity meant to him, McElroy stated, “The opportunity is the gift my mom would often say. I’m thankful, grateful, and blessed FVSU gave me an opportunity (a gift). I am excited to return to Middle Georgia to put in play the opportunity my mom prayed I would be granted. Honoring her legacy, she would say, ‘When you've work to do, do it with a will. They who reach the top, first must climb the hill.’ From Fort Hill to Fort Valley to the Force Generation Center, I am ready now, to follow-through, to devote my full energy to the purpose, line of efforts and priorities of the Force Generation Center - Readiness, People and Culture.”

His leadership experience extends across different units and commands, including the commander of the 914th Maintenance Group at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York, and the commander of the 512th Maintenance Group at Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware. McElroy has also held strategic roles such as the Director of Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection for the 22nd Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia. Additionally, he served as the Associate Director of Logistics and Reserve Advisor to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection at Headquarters Air Force in Arlington, Virginia.

Before his current assignment as the Commander of the Force Generation Center, McElroy served as the Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection, and Nuclear Integration at Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. His extensive and varied experiences underscore his commitment to excellence and readiness in fulfilling critical roles within the Air Force Reserve.

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